Friday, April 23, 2010

Mornin' yall, You have big plans for the weekend? Lotsa things happening in Austin or closeby tomorrow. It's Eeyore's Birthday, the Dragon Boat Festival, The Annual Weinerdog Races, hmmm so much to do..Now that I don't spend every cottonpicking Saturday sitting in Petsmart for five hours at a time..something I did for a few years running there. Dog Rescue: sometimes, it sucks. Anyway, my point is: it's nice to have choices that don't involve pet stores.. even though I will probably still skip Eeyores because it's been rainy (while I can deal with mud and sometimes patchouli, it's been determined that I cannot abide mud that smells like patchouli).

The Boom continues to be cute. He's meeting with a potential family on Sunday. I haven't told them about his grass licking problem yet, but I think it will be ok. So what have you guys got going on?


Robyn said...

Casey has a soccer tournament, and yes, will still play if it rains. Connor continues his 3rd week in a row of being grounded (don't ask). Rici is going to Little rock Christian's prom with a boy from Africa (another exchange student).

Juliet said...

Big snowstorm here in Colorado, so a roaring fire, hot chokkie, and a vintage Looney Tunes cartoon marathon are on the agenda. Love the old ones.