Thursday, April 01, 2010

so, you guys, posting may be a little sporadic here at Stinkydog--I wanted to wait to tell you about this til I was sure I got the greenlight, and I just got a call that I'm in, so I'm SO happy to announce that I've been chosen from a group of 22, possibly 23 people--I'm going to be flying out to LA to participate in a new VH1 dating show called "I Did It For The Money" starring that guy from the 80's who sang "Two Tickets to Paradise" instead of Bret Michaels. It'll be me and 22 other aging hot lukewarm mamas vying to be the one who gets to categorize his medications into one of those little daily M-T-W-Th-F containers. Jellus?

Oh don't worry, Sam and I aren't breaking up. We're fine. He knows I'm just doing it for the TV time and to get an in with the producers because I have my own reality show to pitch to them. It's called "Little Miss Pawfect" and it'll be a dogumentary-style expose on stage moms and their spoiled teacup chihuahuas and poodles as they navigate the underground world of glitz dog shows. I'm really,really excited about the possibilities for the "Bow Wear" segment.

Wish us Luck!! Man, I hope Mr. Money likes kids!


suzanna said...

Oh my gawd. You are hilarious! Best of luck!

Robyn said...

since there are no links that you like to use so much, I am sure this is your april fools! How long did it take before someone called you??