Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So, Hopper does not go to day care. When we go to work, he spends his days with a nice lady who takes care of one other kid twice a week and her own daughter, so Hop's exposure to other kids is pretty minimal. Maybe that's why he usually finds other kids so amusing, I don't know. But especially if it's a GIRL, hooooo-eee, girls are hi-larious. My friends and I were having a conversation the other day about the differences between boy toddlers and girl toddlers. Girl toddlers just seem so much...smarter. And quick! And so much less likely to smash things into your shin. Anyway, so cut to yesterday when Hopper and I were at the pediatrician's office for his 15mth appointment. They have these little wall puzzles in the waiting room that involve colored knobs that the kids can move around little grooved tracks. Hop sees these two little girls playing with them. One of them is about his age, so of course he saunters over, flashes her a big grin and unleashes a whole stream of babble on her.


She turns and looks at him and says, "Hi."


She is staring at him now and tries again: "Hi??"


This girl grabs him by both ears, puts her face about 3 inches away and yells as loud as she can: "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII".

Hopper laughed, tried to hug her which ended up being more of a tackle and knocked her over in the process.

Sadly, I forsee this exact scenario playing over and over again in the next 16-18 years.


Allison said...

I'll bet she was a little bit older than him...the girls at B's preschool have all been smaller than him (at least until age 2 or 3). But, yeah, just wait! The older they get, the more pronounced the difference. On many a tired mommy day, I've thought, what would it be like to have a kid here who wants to have a tea party instead of leaping on me like a trampoline?

Robyn said...

I agree with you Lee, Connor still can't make intelligent conversation with the female species. He's 13.

Juliet said...

Oh, you just wait. Wait until you have a first grader - yes, a SIX year old - who is macking on two different girls, and they're both older than him (like, 9). Wait until you're in the middle of Walmart, and this six year old spies one of said girls, and hides behind your leg so she can't see him, because (and I quote) he "doesn't want her to find out about the other girl he likes because then there would be all sorts of problems."