Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grandparents Week

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It's Grandparents Week at Case de Stinky this week. Sam's parents arrive today. My parents arrive tomorrow. We're planning on locking them all in the playroom with the toddler until someone cries Uncle. I give 'em 20 minutes.
The last time they all saw him was in May. That was back when he could be counted upon to bat his eyelashes at you and giggle when you poked his belly. Before the FOUR teeth started coming in at the same time and his head began swivelling 360 degrees while he screams that one scream. You know the one. It makes you involuntarily wince and the dogs look worried.
Anyway, so hopefully we'll still be posting, but if not, I'll be here watching how they handle our son, Beezelbub.

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Juliet said...

('Sup, Beez!)

I'd like to see video of your head swiveling trick. Tell your mom.