Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last night, I had my first "this baby is a puppy" dream. Specifically, a little girl curly frou frou dog puppy that was wearing a pink bunting. It was very cute, right up to the time that I had to change it's diaper and then the tail sort of freaked me out. But, sorry to disappoint, this is not one of those prophetic dreams because WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BOY, SUCKAS!


Here is a picture that, to me, looks like absolutely nothing, but my doctor says clearly shows a penis. Um yeah.

I might be holding out for the "big scan" that's coming up in a couple of weeks before definitively absolutely 100% saying we're having a boy...or at least waiting for something that doesn't look like a rasterized picture of the inside of a toilet bowl.

SO, This time, as opposed to last time, we really do not have any names secreted away. We've been combing through some books and websites and you know? We don't like a lot of the same names. I'm not going to make fun of some of Sam's choices here because he's already pointed out to me that one of my favorite names on my list is a guyslang term for "ballsack." But suffice it to say, it's, um, slow-going. With that in mind, I'm opening this up to the team. If yall have any suggestions for us to consider, leave them in the comments.
Ballsack will appreciate it.


Older not wiser said...

I remember someone wanting to name a boy "Ray" with the middlename Zurback.Sorry, but it beats "Ballsack". Congrats on the new boy!

Suzy said...

What was the ballsack name? Nate? Scrote? Teabag?

No seriously, how about "Henry"?

Stinkydog said...

It was Satchel. "Nate"?? heh. that cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

I like Kellan and also Haden wich happens to be German and gives a nod to your peeps. I also know a little boy named Hill, which is cool...I seem to be going with the H's...good use of alliteration:)CES

Dad said...

I'm still lobbying for Harley Leeroy . . .