Thursday, August 12, 2010

One of my absolute favorite memories from when I was a kid was during the summertime when my brother and sisters and I got to take our sleeping bags out into the front yard and lay outside for hours counting shooting stars til we fell asleep. We lived "out in the country" so it was a lot easier for us to do than most folks, probably. I remember one night we got up to 200 and something before I dropped off. TWO HUNDRED shooting stars: that's a lot...especially when you aren't so good at counting past twenty*. It's something I'd still do today and I can't wait til Hop is old enough. Tonight is your chance, however: SHOOTING STAR ALERT!

*updated: dude, I can totally count past twenty. I was referring to when I was like, five. That's, um, 32 years ago...34?


Robyn said...

a close second is catching fireflies in the summer too.

Juliet said...

Shooting stars and fireflies - I love those memories!

Although I do feel guilty, now, about the whole firefly cruelty thing. Sorry, bugs, my apologies!

Older not wiser said...

When there are no street lights, even the stars shine like diamonds but it was great just looking at the sky for shooting stars,