Friday, August 06, 2010

Thursday Sucketh

hoo boy, yesterday was one of those kinds of days where you have to seriously wonder if there is a target painted on your back..or possibly someone skulking in the bushes filming you for a TV show entitled, "Let's Make the Pregnant Lady Go Crazy and Freak the Hell OUT". THis is the kind of day where it seems like everything I did turned directly to cat shit. I'm talking, for example, the big project I've been working on for THREE DAYS that, POOF! bye bye "File Corrupted" GONE. Start over. People DRILLING ON THE WALLS outside your window at work..and you work on the 6th floor...Rashes on babies that make them scream and go so straight up and sideways it takes TWO of you to hold him down for a diaper change. And then I broke a big WOODEN thing. Like, how do wooden things break?? They DON'T, in general. Only when I get involved. I woke up this morning thinking that, even if I get T-boned in the parking lot, it's gotta be a better day...

Bring it, Friday.

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