Sunday, October 24, 2010


So, some of you have already seen a few pictures I posted on Facebook, but here are a few snapshots from the BIG FAMILY WEDDING of my sister in law Emily and new bro in law Travis. Despite being one of those humid kinds of days that make you feel like your eyebrows are sweating and uncooperative ringbearers, it was a really great time and I say that having been completely stone cold sober. We won't talk about the crying jag that happened during my reading during the service which prompted me to randomly announce my pregnancy to a tentful of strangers, as if they couldn't have guessed by the fact I am big enough that several people actually asked if I am due next week. Anyway, how 'bout those peacocks, huh? They're remarkably, uh, defensive.

Me and Hop in Happy Times. Right before we put on his ringbearer's shirt and all hell broke loose. No, I am not standing funny. I am that big.

Look how pretty Emily looks.

This is a picture of the flowergirl and other ringbearer about to prance down the aisle. You will note that Hopper is nowhere near this scene. He opted at the last minute not to have any part of bearing any rings down any damned aisle. Actually, if you look closely in the top right hand corner, you can glimpse a bit of him way down the sidewalk. He was taking off to go roll in peacock poop. See ya later, suckers.

Seriously, I am not joking about the peacocks. They look all friendly til you slowly realize they have a contingent that likes to hang out in the trees as if they're plotting to swoop down and take out the kid.

But anyway, WEDDING--it was lovely. Here are the bride and groom.
And here are Sam and I trying to convince Hopper that he LOVES HIS SHIRT. Really, son, you do. There's no need to try and rip it from your body.

And did I mention there was cake?


Suzy said...

Bride, cakes, and especially YOU were gorgeous. How was that bride's cake? It looks perfect.

Robyn said...

I love the cakes! And Em looked so pretty!! That is so awesome.

Stinkydog said...

Hillary made the cakes, so of course they were incredible. The bride's cake was lemon cream with these berries soaked in Grand Marnier and the grooms cake was red velvet with this chocolatey mousse layer. I might have had, um, more than one piece...