Monday, October 18, 2010

more lessons learned

continuing the theme, here are more lessons learned over the weekend.

1). Hopper will actually sit and smile when you tell him to "SAY CHEESE!"; however, you should probably actually have a piece of cheese waiting for him because he doesn't find your attempts at deception very amusing.*

2. Putting my dogs in costume almost makes up for the annoying things they do like drinking from the toilet at 3am or stealing bananas from the countertops...but only almost.

3. Most people think Fergus is kinda dumb (mainly because he will eat poop and/or jump at the sound of his own farts); however, you will note there aren't any photos of Fergus with horns on his head...because he hid for two hours.**

4. Some public parks, on a Sunday, when the weather is nice, will be overrun with homeless people who will barbecue at the next table and tell salacious stories QUITE LOUDLY, but,I'd like to point out, they aren't the jerkles who let their dogs run off leash so that said dog can spend its afternoon with its nose permanently attached to my ankle...a sensation that leaves me feeling a little something like this.***

Did you guys have a good weekend?

*yes, that is Hortense, the crackbaby in the background. She's still hanging around.
**Fergus, I am so going to get you sometime this week. Be afraid.
***you shouldn't so distracted by how distorted my face looks as much as how swollen my fingers are. Note: no rings. They're like vienna sausages! it's crazy.

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