Thursday, October 07, 2010

That's a hell of a fishing lure you got there, madam

Over the last 9 years, I've fostered somewhere in the range of almost 200 dogs and puppies (I think last count we were at 187 or something). That's a lot. To be honest, some of them blur together. The more insane ones stick out (Loki, who figured out how to open our Fridge). And the so ugly it's cute (Wicket, Wednesday). And the totally awesome (Ace IP Freehley). But yeah, a whole lot of blurring. One of the ones that has always stuck out for me was Otter. So named because he wouldn't stop trying to play in water, no matter what it was...cough cough TOILET. You probably don't remember him, but here he was in his hypnotic adorableness. That was four years ago. The lady who adopted him is a retired schoolteacher who is awesome. In addition to adopting Otter, she had also adopted one of my previous fosters Oakley (fostered in the days before Stinkydog, so..that was OLDENTIMES). And then later on she adopted Melody, also of the Casa de Stinky. She does agility training with all three of them. From time to time she'll send me pix of them in competitions and it's just so cool. Anyway, all that to share this with you a new picture she sent of Otter. Doing what he does best--flying through the air into a big splash. Love that guy. Thank God he graduated from toilets.


Anonymous said...

Wicket was the one that had to wear a shirt all the time because of his weeping skin I right? The one that you brought to my house?? Right?...CES

Stinkydog said...

no court, that was Weezy...who I can't even think about now without laughing. she didn't have the weepy skin, she had eczema HAHAHAHAHA oh dear lord, she was gross.

Robyn said...

I'm glad there's at least a few successful ones out there. That's an awesome picture.