Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We are at RUTABAGA

Unlike Ruta Maya where they will serve you delicious coffee drinks, Rutabaga is a swedish turnip. Yeah. I've never had one either; however, in the lexicon of Your Unborn Child as Food Products, that's where we're at this week. If you've ever been pregnant, or know someone who's been pregnant, chances are you've heard of how they do this: give you food items to give you a mental image of what size the kid is at this point in development. I found it helpful when we were at poppyseed stage. Or lentil bean. Or hell, even large mango. But you can stop now at Rutabaga because seriously, I have no idea what that means. And I'm not gonna go drive over to Whole Foods and find out. If you want to give me something I can actually reference, try something like "your baby is the size of a large apple fritter" (specifically, those vegan ones at Whole Foods that I eat five times a week) or you know, "your baby is the size of philly cheesteak sandwich" or even "tub of Rocky Road--the kind from Bluebell Ice cream, not those wimpy little cartons from ben and jerry's". But RUTABAGA?? c'mon now. Who you kidding?

image from actual slide show (I am not kidding about the rutabaga)


Older not wiser said...

Before I started reading, I thought the rutabaga had something to do with Jabba-don't they look a little alike?

Suzy said...

Did they put some kind of doll hair on that rutabaga? gross.