Monday, December 27, 2010

Scenes from Christmas

Hey, did you have the week off last week? I didn't. So I took a little breakie from here while actual work was going on. So, how was your time with family? We had a nice little holiday.

First, Hopper still has no clue about Santa or elves or any of that reindeer stuff, despite how many times we watched "A Year Without Santa Claus" (twice) or "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (four--good lord, WHY was that show on so much???). He does, however, appreciate PRESENTS. Specifically, presents that he was in no way expecting

They all got an "ooooooo woooowwww" (he's very emphatic about it)

and then BOXES! (yayy, boxes!).

We also had a little unexpected guest which resulted in a whole lotta scenes like this

and this.

Note: if you ever want to know what to get Sam for Christmas, an extra puppy is NOT it, despite how cute that puppy may be and how much fuzz is on its little head. See this picture?? he was unmoved.

I also got him a monkey snuggie. He was so pleased. He's actually giving me the stink-eye here because he accused me of making him put it on backwards. Because he doesn't know how Snuggies work.

For Christmas breakfast we had Sam's famous Bacon Cinnamon Rolls. That's right: cinnamon rolls with bacon in them. I took pictures of Sam making them, but they look gross and don't adequately convey the BACON INSIDE A CINNAMON ROLL IS DELICIOUS aspect.

Hopper's big gift was a wagon. Luckily, if you give Sam a hammer, he can turn those pieces from the box into something with wheels that will actually move because if it were up to me, we'd still be sitting there with a sad little axle I don't know what to do with and the handle on backwards.

Here I am taking Hopper for his first spin around the block.

The only downside to the wagon is that it has now become Hopper's preferred mode of transport. Every time we say we're going somewhere, he runs to the wagon, climbs in and yells BUH-BYE!! all excited. Sometimes he does this even if we don't say we're going anywhere. He'll just sit in it, rather forlornly, waiting on someone to take him for a ride. We might need to find a new place to store the wagon other than by the front door..

So there you have it, Christmas Morning 2010 in a nutshell. After that, it was naptime.


Mel Francis said...


and bacon inside anything is good. Just sayin...

Robyn said...

I don't think I can run with him in the wagon. But we will see. I really need him to like the jogger stroller. I love the pic with his butt in the air over the ugg box. I recognize that. Did he like the pillow pal (not a very exciting gift). And as for Sam's bacon cinnamon rolls, they are famous here now, but no one makes them better than Sam.

Suzy said...

monkey snuggie is so cute on him!