Monday, January 31, 2011

at home with the boys

I took a look at the calendar today and nearly choked. I seriously had NO idea I've been home from the hospital with Rowan for a week already. whew, that went by fast. I'm still in the zombie mombie phase where I'm sorta kinda maybe getting a little bit of regular sleep when you factor in that I try to nap every day for five hours while the Hop is at daycare and the G.O.D. is off in Snurflandia. I never quite make it to five hours, mind you, I just try. Anyway, I have at least been trying to keep up with my picture taking so here are some photos from this first week home.

Here Rowan proudly shows you exactly how many Poonami's he's had in the last 2 hours.

Hopper has really seemed ok with this whole "baby invades my space" thing... so far. In fact, he's mostly interested in just patting him. Almost like he's checking to see if he's real. Sometimes the pats veer towards poking the baby in the eyeball, but for the most part, he's pretty gentle.

And then he'll turn around and ask for a hug. Which we totally give him because he successfully avoided poking his little brother's eye out.

Friday night was a veritable Happy Fun Ball of Vomit after Hop came down with some sort of 12 hour stomach bug that had us up even more than we are normally, changing crib sheets and laundering barfy pajamas. Poor boo was so worn out on Saturday he opted to nap with Rowan most of the day.

To demonstrate how bad he felt, here is a photo of Hopper willingly letting Fergus, Farter Extraordinaire cuddle up with him. Trust me, when Hopper is in tip top shape, this does not happen. (yes, in true ironic fashion, I birthed a child who, when snuggled up to by dogs usually responds by saying "Eeecch" and waving his hands like he's trying to swat them away like flies)

First Bath. Yep. He enjoyed that about as much as we thought he would.

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Suzy said...

fantastic pictures!!! Looks like everybody is getting along :)