Tuesday, January 11, 2011

nine nine nine nine gah Misery

So, yeah, nine days til we go to the hospital and meet Burchfield. Nine days is also the approximate amount of time I've been hacking and snorting during this most recent go-round with the snot weasels. If you're keeping score, the snot weasels are winning. Because, incidentally, nine days is also about the most amount of time I have spent since HALLOWEEEN not being sick in some shape or fashion. Seriously. Every time I get over a cold, or the sinus infection or the stomach flu bouts one, two and three, I just...get sick again. I don't even remember what my normal voice sounds like. I haven't slept a full nights sleep without waking myself up horking half a lung since sometime in December. I keep joking that this kid is SO READY to get out of my stomach so he can get some friggin' shuteye for a change. (and kid: yeah, I get it, you can stop pummeling me now). I know this doesn't sound very Mother Earthy, but can I just get some really strong drugs and yall just knock me out and wake me up when the kid gets here and the coughing stops? Really. I could use about nine days worth of sleep.

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