Thursday, February 17, 2011

You look like a monkey...

and I smell like one too. Behold, I will not bore you with a litany of reasons why I have been out of touch for over a week. I assume you might have heard about the baby. Instead, I will bore you with a list of all the things I have done these past few days instead of showering...actually, that's a bit of an exaggeration. I showered on Sunday. So, technically, I have bathed "this week." Since then, though, I've been a little tied up. With these things:

1. Napping. God, I love napping.
2. figuring out how to disable the soundcard on Hopper's Thomas the Tank Engine book that his Gram bought him that he really, really loves, but which creeps me out. I'm sorry, Thomas is creepy. CREEPY.
3. making smores (am totally serious). I don't like marshmellows, but will make an exception for the s'more.
4. catching up on three weeks worth of Toddlers and Tiaras. Truly, a hideous show. I missed it.
5. trying to figure out what to do for Hopper's 2nd Birthday party and wondering if it's within moral boundaries to push it back to April when, hopefully, I will have had some more sleep. And time to prepare something other than a store-bought cupcake and an empty pinata..
6. avoiding a 3rd round of stomach virus and/or boneshaking fever spells JUST THIS MONTH, despite the fact that the #1 son keeps bringing home the germs. @*#$#ing daycare.
7. discovering that we have around 86 episodes of Blues Clues on Netflix streaming.
8. feeble attempts at exercise involving pulling a wagon around the neighborhood. Finding out quickly that this is a terrible idea and I will need painkillers soon after.
9. Snorgling with Rowan. That kid is a good snorgler.
10. trying to figure out how to get sour milk smell out of bedding. I'm sure this probably involves laundry of some sort, but I'm not there yet.
11. enjoying a glass of vino. Or five.
12. birth announcements! they're in the mail. I think. Do I have your address?

Ok FINE. I will go shower.

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Suzy said...

It's amazing, all those years we thought bathing was so important. But it takes a backseat pretty quick! Sorry to say the kids still have me down to twice a week, too.

Glad to hear you're getting in some good naps, smores, and wine :) And we *loved* the birth announcement!!!