Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In my sleep

One of the ladies who takes care of Rowan mentioned to me that he's not a big napper. Rather, he spends his days cracking himself up with spit bubbles, flirting with the 6mnth old twins the next crib over and zoning out (but not falling asleep to) Navajo Lullabies. Yeah, I don't know what Navajo Lullabyes are either. In my mind, I don't envision them to be very relaxing. But then, I'm a person who goes into 'roid rage if you force me to listen to Yanni, so that's not surprising. At any rate, the baby doesn't sleep much during the day. Instead, he stays alert til around 9pm then he conks out til the next morning.

I know. It's almost like he lives in a world where that whole Sleep at Night thing is ENCOURAGED. I'm not saying he never ever wakes up at 2am (snurfling loudly) but that's usually remedied by plopping a bottle in his mouth and letting the warm milk lull him right back down to Sleepy Town. For him to be doing this at 12 weeks is pretty awesome. Sleep! It exists! EXCEPT... Not for me. Rowan sleeps through the night but I am still having to get up every 3 hours to pump milk.

Have I told you guys what I call the Pumper? The Hooooovland. Get it? Hoover/Hovland--with the vacuum/sucking joke in there--HAHAHAHAHA! Ha? Have I mentioned that I don't get much sleep? It's Ok. I mean, I'm mostly used to the stop/start abruptness of just barely getting in a REM cycle before I have to wake up again. I am logging around 6-7 hours total, but not altogether. So no, it isn't particularly restful. It was better when I could conk out on the couch during the day, but strangely, they frown on nap time at work.

As a result, I'm starting to accumulate quite a hefty list of Dumb Ass Things I Do To Be Blamed on My Lack of Sleep. This list includes, but is not limited to:

Falling asleep with the pump attached, waking up about 2 hours later. Yeah. OUCH.

Trying to make a pot of coffee using whole coffee beans that I forgot to grind resulting in really hot, vaguely dirty colored water.

Becoming convinced that the kitchen sink was talking to me in a robot voice. (long story)
Trying to let the dogs out the front door to go potty (go! Play in traffic!...that might have been some kind of subconscious wish fulfillment now that I think about it....KIDDING)
And to be honest, there's something new every other day. And I'm looking at having this schedule for at least the next six months. Just think of all the fun we'll have!


Older not wiser said...

If you have to have a bottle surgically removed from your boob-I understand-but we may take pictures.

Older not wiser said...

I believe your boob will be sucked into a bottle one night