Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fine, here's a title:pfffbbt

Happy Thursday! But..what happened to Tuesday and Wednesday? Every time I turn around, it's like five days later or something. Rabble scrabble, lack of sleep. How is your week? Mine is STUPID. Stupid work, stupid deadlines, stupid salesmen who try and try to talk for OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF about how wonderfully delicious your water can be, if only you have this $7000 dollar water filter installed. Psh--yeah right buddy. I've got better things to do with $7000. Like paying for two weeks of childcare. (I'm kidding, but...only a little).

So, how 'bout some Plinkies, huh?

Have you started making any summer travel plans?
Why yes. We are taking both boys to New York this summer. On a Plane. Without sedatives. Actually, scratch that, there may actually be sedatives involved...for Me.

What's the most recent purchase that you regret making?
I may or may not have bought some old lady shoes. I dunno. They're a very neutral almost flesh tone and they're comfortable. They very well might be something a 90 year old would wear, but...I like them, is that wrong?

Name three of your favorite songs to listen to while working out.
I don't know if these are my FAVORITE favorites, but they're on the list, I hear them almost every day (go ME with the workouts, huh?), and I'm not sick of them yet:

Girltalk: Everyday
Eve: Tambourine
Glee Cast (Naya Rivera): Valerie

Coffee or Tea?
Both. Hell, if they made caffeinated MILK, I'd drink it at this point.

What famous person's closet would you most like to raid?

Paula Deen. Dude, I've got enough clothes of my own, but I'm pretty sure Paula's probably got some homemade donuts up in there.

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