Thursday, May 12, 2011


here is a weeks' worth of Plinky Prompts in 30 seconds or less (that is, me answering them in 30 seconds or less, not you reading. Take your time, slowpoke).

Describe what perfect weather means to you
I have a very clear memory of being about 8 years old, sitting on our porch, eating a popsicle and it was warm enough that I was wearing shorts, but not TOO warm so the popsicle wasn't melting too fast and it was sunny, but there were enough white puffy clouds where we could play the What Does That Cloud Look Like game and I always think of that day as my perfect weather. Though now that I live in THE MOJAVE DESERT I mean, Central Texas, I think "perfect weather" means RAIN. Like today. I love you, Rain.

How do you spend the majority of your online time?
Lately, it's been Words with Friends which is sad because I am quite possibly the worst Words with Friends player in the world. On that note: if you want to play, find me! Stinkydog71 You'll win, I promise.

What TV Shows were you surprised to like?
I'm never surprised at what TV shows I like because I have terrible taste in TV. It's OK, I own it. I have seen so many episodes of Little Miss Perfect, I can sing the words to that creepy song ("Little Miss Perfect Pageant, Where all your dreams come true, Little Miss Perfect Pageant, where the special one is you, There are citrus colored rainbows...") I am not ashamed... Maybe a little on that last one.

Would you ever participate in a food eating contest? Uh, I think I already did when I was pregnant with Rowan. It was called "Who Can Eat a Vegan Apple Fritter from Whole Foods Every Morning for Nine Straight Months"

What is the best type of Music to play while driving?
If you had asked me that three years ago, I would have made an argument for Ryan Adams or Wilco or ABBA or any of the artists I know all the words to. At this point in my life, however, I'm gonna go with: WHATEVER BEST MUFFLES THE SCREAMING.

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