Tuesday, May 31, 2011


You know how in criminal trials, sometimes they use the suspects' internet histories as evidence against them? For example, it's hard to try and pull off your innocence in your Rich Aunt Maybelle's Murder if you spent all your time googling "deadly poisons that don't make coffee taste funny" or "how to shove someone down stairs".

Well, I can tell you that while we're not at the criminal stage yet, here's some of what we've been Googling these past few days:

"how to keep toddler from taking off diaper"
"use of duct tape toddler diaper"
"cleaning poop off walls"
"toddler friendly disinfectant"
"why won't my toddler use the @*@#ing potty for the love of god"
"installing toddler proof fence locks"
"toddler roaming instinct"
"leash laws: toddler"

oh and I'm sure I'm not done YET.

1 comment:

Mel Francis said...

Frog Tape might work better, as it should help stop leaking.

I don't envy you this stage at all... you know my answer (besides the Frog Tape) is MORE WINE!