Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Look, I know you don't want to hear about my kid's bodily functions. Hell, I gave birth to them and I prefer not to think about it myself. But just so you know: there are CHANGES IN THE WIND at Ye Olde Doghouse.

For one, Rowan has started on solids. And by "started on solids" I mean, we engage in this futile sort of activity every evening where I try to spoon an oatmeal cereal mixture into his little bobbing maw while he laughs and smears it either straight up his nose or so completely covering the lower part of his face to where some of it eventually makes it onto his tongue. This was supposed to help satisfy his hunger. That, uh..has not happened. In fact, the opposite seems to have taken place, like it turned on some sort of switch where the kid would prefer you feed him ALL THE DAMN TIME, thanksomuch. In fact, if you could sorta kill that whole sleep thing in deference to POURING SOME MORE MILK DOWN ME GULLET THAT WOULD BE GREAT. And let's not forget: what goes in must come out. Usually in some sort of spectacular arc, missing the diaper completely, in the middle of the night. gah, yall, he is killing me over here.

Oh and Hopper has started potty training in earnest. By that I mean: he tells us when he's going to whiz and usually (not always) manages to make that happen in the correct spot (i.e. not the living room floor). We're not quite ready with regards to the, ah, OTHER MATTER. In fact, about 25-40 times a day, you will hear him yell "I POOP!" Approximately 98% the time he is bullshitting you, but he has learned that those two words will get a reaction out of the adults in the immediate vicinity. It's called DUCK AND COVER. That's because the other 2% of the time? God help us.

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