Monday, June 20, 2011

Things that are not what they seem..

Because you are probably tired of pictures of how cute my kids are (I know how tiresome their unrelenting adorableness can be), here photos of random crap I have run into lately

1. This Bird. I know, he looks curious and friendly, right? Wrong. This bird is an idiot. I can only guess that he's from out of town or he ate some wonky tree fruit but this winged moron keeps running into my office window headfirst. FWAP! then he flaps around for ten minutes before flying off and doing it again 3 hours later. He's done it about twelve times since, like, last Thursday. And when I get up to go check on him he gives me a look like "WHAT?"

Dumb bird.

2. This. I know. It looks like I managed to take a hipstamatic photo of Greenland.

It's actually the amount of butter I had to scrape off a piece of garlic bread I got from HEB. Seriously, Mr. Harry E. Butts, this is egregious use of butter. Butter Foul. Ix-nay on the Utter-Bay. Shudder. I'm still a little nauseous.

3. uh oh, sorry, I forgot about this one. This appears to be my son giving the puppy a loving kiss. Yeah. Right before he sortof launched him into the air. Note to self: don't tell a two year old to "Put the puppy down RIGHT NOW" He will take you at your word. This may or may not result in Flying Puppies. oh don't worry, I caught him. The Besh lives. The Besh is less fond of two year olds at present, but that was bound to happen sooner or later.

4. oh wait, this is EXACTLY what it looks like. A foam mace toy that I bought at Target for $1.

Nothing says Happy Fun Times like a Medieval Killing Weapon made soft and sponge-y, amiright?

what kind of fun stuff have you been running into lately?

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