Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend report

you know, I haven't forgotten about Artful Mondays. In fact, I had one I was going to do for you guys today, but I spent a fairly large portion of my day yesterday ripping out carpet, prying up tile from 1973 and prepping floor for...I don't know what yet, but it's going to be good.( I'm working on putting together something cool for Hopper's Big Boy Room. I have a THEME! And it isn't "FUN WITH TOILETS"!!) Anyway, so I spent Sunday pressing my Soft as Lily Petal hands into hard service so today I got nuttin' for ya. Except Band-Aids and a whooooole lotta regret about that Not Bothering To Find Gloves Before Ripping My Hands To Shreds thing. So, I know it's not a Crayola Work of Art, but how about some real pictures from our weekend, huh?

First off, I know that in some of the pictures lately, it looks as if Rowan's hair might be settling down. Let me, uh, set you straight on that one:

He still looks like the Love Child of Carroll O'Connor and Johnny Rotten.

In Older Child News: Hopper's torso has grown about twelve inches since April, I think.

We opted to go on a Walk Saturday evening as the sun was starting to go down and the temperature felt a little less than 115 degrees. I let Hopper push the stroller. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

you'll note how happy Rowan was afterwards

Here is a picture of the dogs playing. Ok, well, Hudson and Bean playing, while Fergus rolls in either poop or something dead.

Last week I shaved Hudson down for his yearly IT'S 115 DEGREES OUTSIDE haircut. He has been rolling on our dessicated backyard nonstop ever since.

yall don't laugh at how dumb his tail looks. He's already pissed off enough at me.

so, what about you? What did you do?

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Anonymous said...

This was a fun post! Love the pics! and I love how cute you dress the boys! xo-CES