Thursday, July 07, 2011

Farm Blogging, Day One

Oh hi! is this thing on? I know, I haven't been around. I was going a little nutty trying to get things done before we left town, speaking of which: WE LEFT TOWN! yayy! I don't know what it is this year, but I am just OVER the daily frying of Austin Summers. Good thing we opted to go somewhere where it was, like SIXTY degrees this morning. That's a 6 and an O. and DEW, as in, WATER on the green green grass. Don't be jealous. We're at the Farm:

It's nice and cool here and not dessicated. And there's wildlife (see Ferdinand the Frog)

There is a brook here that is not just a divot of earth filled with dry rocks.

Hop's mind was blown by this, so he kept looking at it and yelling "WATER".

And then he and Gram wanted to go down into the water...

Yeah, that ended as well as expected.. You'll note his now drenched outfit hanging on the clothesline here.

Here Rowan is hanging with Meryl the Cat.

and in front of the barn.

and flowers!

and man, it isn't even noon yet. Just think of all the fun we'll have.


Blue Gal said...

Haha I love that pic of Rowan with the cat. He's like, "WTF???"

Anonymous said...

great pics!!! keep em coming! I am definately jealous of 60 degree weather. It doesnt even get down that low overnight here in Arkansas! UGH:) CES