Monday, August 15, 2011

Lost in Translation

Hopper is currently running around in circles in the living room yelling what sounds to me like "BOOM-FART" over and over. While I am aware that this may actually be what he is saying, I am open to the possibility that maybe his 2 year old language skills just aren't allowing him to express what he actually means. After all, this is the same child, who when faced with any obstacle looks at us and piteously says, "I'm stuck." It hardly ever actually means he is stuck, as in quicksand. It usually means he can't move, as in, we are restraining him in some way, like say, in his car seat, strapped in a shopping cart, or held down in a headlock while I try in vain to brush his teeth. I've gotta tell ya, it's hard to correctly apply toothpaste and execute an effective wrestling maneuver, but I manage it, almost nightly.

This part of toddler-hood is most annoying, not because he can't talk. He can. It's that I just can't understand him 85% of the time.

I've been trying to figure this one out. Could he mean..

Bumper Car? Because he's thinking it's hilariously to zoom Rowan's walker into the dogs.

Backyard? Yes, we have one. Yes, it is all ash and dust, and no, you can't go out and play in it. It's 112 degrees outside.

Michelle Bachmann?? BOOM-FART, indeed. We may have been watching a little Meet the Press yesterday, it's entirely possible.

I dunno, internet, help me out here.


Older not wiser said...

I honestly believe he's telling you that one of the dogs has gas. Boom! (hey Mom it's a fart).He's just using short hand-getting ready to text on the phone if kids still do that when he get his own phone.

Older not wiser said...

I honestly believe he's telling you that one of the dogs has gas-Boom! (hey Mom it's a fart)He's using short hand to prepare for texting on the phone.

Suzy said...

The more time I spend around boys, the more I notice they love to talk about, laugh about, and make farts or fart noises of any kind. If I were to tell Paul and Andrew about Hopper saying BOOM-FART, it would be repeated back to me about 20,000 times.