Thursday, September 15, 2011

Countdowns and Stuff

Did you know that tomorrow it's 100 days til Christmas? And only 45 days til Halloween. And then after that it's Rowan's birthday and right after that, Hopper leaves for college. Gack.

Ok, maybe first things first: what to do for Halloween? You know, I have approximately (negative)-73 crafty bones in my body. We'll that's not true, I AM crafty, what I AM NOT is crafty-capable. Meaning, I can think of million ideas. I can execute approximately 3 of them. Why then, I feel the need to come up with homemade costumes every year is a mystery.
You know, last year I had a bit of a pass because I had this big preggo belly and I could have just painted a goldfish bowl on myself and carried a fishing rod and you guys would have gone, "awwww" then, "wait, what?" (which was my reaction too which is why I didn't do it,but goldfish bowl--HA? amirite? No? ok then, moving on). But this year, I'm back to square one plus two little ones that I TOTALLY GET TO DRESS UP UNTIL THEY START TALKING AND TELLING ME THEY WANT TO BE A NINJA EVERY YEAR. I have to get my kicks in while I can. Also, I've already perused Old Navy, Babies R Us, Pottery Barn Kids, Children's Place, Carters, and every retailer in the western hemisphere and every available costume for children is either stupid or made of fleece or plush as if children lived in places where it isn't STILL 90-SOMETHING DEGREES IN OCTOBER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
So yeah, I'm thinking about it already. What to make for the boys to wear. I think I have Rowan's plotted out (and no, he isn't going as the Lion King, Archie Bunker or Mr. Heat Miser, though any of those would be good). Hopper, I'm still brainstorming though, so feel free to pitch in any ideas.

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