Tuesday, November 01, 2011

recommendation: AHS

If you are not already watching the smutty, gross awesomeness that is American Horror Story on FX, I recommend you fix that...with a caveat (or two). 1). it's by the Glee guy, yes, but NO. It is not happy in any way. There is no singing. 2). Did I mention smutty? It's a little smutty. 3) And GROSS. There is just enough carnage on this show to make this on the very edge of where I can go with gore without having to change the channel or cover my eyes and go LA LA LA til the commercials. People die. A LOT. And with great fanfare. In other words, don't watch this with children in the room. But other than those things, it is deliciously creepy. And it's been renewed for season two! Yayy! OK, start watching now. They're only on episode 4 this week, back episodes are on demand and I think maybe even on the website?

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