Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Hey, yes well. Um Happy New Year! I know, it's been a while. I'm not even going to try and catch up. Just know that our last couple of weeks involved a lot of Robot Penguins and exploding puppies and I am really only kidding about one of those.
Have you made any resolutions? One of mine was to write in this blog every day, so you can see how well that is going. I have others that involve cancelling our cable and eating more vegetation blah blah blah. You probably want to know more about the exploding puppies. It's ok, the puppy lived and that's probably all you want to know about that.

This week is about prepping for 5 Days of Two Toddlers Without Daddy and planning a birthday party. Also, We're still on First Toof Watch. Dang, doesnt 11 3/4ths seem a little late for a first tooth? I will say: this kid can gum the hell out of anything. I'm fairly certain he dented the remote control last night. Feel free to drop in any time, teeth.

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Jewels said...

I made those same ones. Life gets in the way. In order to keep my resolutions I've basically stop sleeping.