Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Thank you, Blogger, for reminding me that I am an idiot. Every time I go to log in here (which, granted, isn't as often these days), I keep entering in my old password. And then I get this somewhat snitty reminder IN RED that "you changed your password 46 days ago." Um, ok, what else was I doing 46 days ago? Huh? What, was I helping birth puppies? Christmas Shopping for my precious children? PROBABLY NOT SLEEPING, I CAN TELL YOU THAT. So, give me a break and cut it out with the red print, it takes me a while. I'm one of those people who writes down all my passwords on a piece of paper somewhere on my desk, so that if anyone were to ever break into my office they could ... spend that $12.68 I have left in my post-Christmas savings account if they wanted...or totally change my display font sizes to EXTRA LARGE (because that really irritates me, don't do that, seriously). Point is, I don't take security all that seriously because I don't feel like anyone is out to get anything that I have.  It's like when I drove a 17 year old Chevette in college. The ignition key hole was completely stripped and most of my door locks didn't work, so at any point in time someone could just open the door, turn the ignition knob and take off with my car. Yes, they could, but really, why would they want to?  That car had a maximum speed of 47mph.  I have 17 regular readers (hi mom!) and occasionally, if things get nutty, that number may go up to 32.  You could probably hack me if you wanted to, but why, oh why, would you? So, trust me, Blogger ,ok, I KNOW I CHANGED MY PASSWORD 46 DAYS AGO, thanks. I'm just looking for that #$@ing sticky note that has the new one on it.

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