Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You know, it isnt the first aerobics class in 3 years that kills you. That first one, while maybe not EASY, is fueled by a certain giddiness that drowns out the crrrrreeeeeaaaatttcchh sound your bones are making. You're able to flail around with sufficient momentum to get you at least through the first 30 minutes, as long as you don't completely stop and look bewilderingly at the person next to you and ask "did she just say 'switch ball change' or 'I have mange'??"
That second class, however, is the one where your body has had time to pout about all those unused muscles ( at least the ones not working daily on wiping butts) being forced out of retirement, so much that it has built up enough resentment to where when it hears the first strains of The Black Eyed Peas extended version of Whatever That Goddam Song Is With the Whoop Whoop And The Autotune, your hip and knee joints automatically shut down, forcing you into a half-squat you cannot get out of while your brain mentally crosses its arms in a huff like, YOU MUST BE JOKING.

Yeah. So, exercise: Going Well.

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Anonymous said...

This made me LOL!!! Love it...btw, I am now smoke free! That's the first step-haha