Friday, April 27, 2012


Hopper and I are watching Wall-E and he is DIGGING it. This makes me happy on so many levels. Not only is it one of my favorite Disney movies ever, it is THE reason I found out I was pregnant with that little booger in the first place. True Story.
I am known for being one of those people for whom the heartstrings are easily tug. I mean, you show me a good kodak commercial and I'm essentially sodden. Throw in some elderly people holding hands and maybe a kid with some crutches and jesus, you might as well mop me up off the floor. What I'm saying is: it ain't hard to make me cry. I saw a video of a dog in a wheelchair this week and I had to take 15 minutes to compose myself.  So when I saw Wall-E in the theater that summer, I mean, it really really made me cry. C'mon: a lonely robot with big googly eyes?  True love between robots? Hope for mankind who has thrown away all the good we've been given, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THERE IS STILL A LITTLE MEASELY PLANT???  Good lord, I was WRECKED.  Sobbed. Had to gather myself together to drive home.
"What a great MOVIE," I thought.
And then, I swear to you, an hour later:  "Maybe I was a little TOO into it????"
Like, "Do I seem a little emotional to you?"
"Huh, Maybe I'm about to get my period."
(flipping through calendar). "Uhhhhhhhhhh. Oh. Shit."
Took a test that MOnday and BAM, there ya go.
And now, four years later, that kid who was then just the size of a popcorn kernel is sitting on my lap, watching it intently, asking me, "What happen to bo-bot next, Mommy?"

God, kid, who knows? Let's find out.

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