Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Old Man is Snoring

This morning I pulled out the toddler rain boots that I had completely forgotten we owned because this is the first time in three years, I've had the opportunity to actually use them. Ah rain, we really like you a lot. I am particularly happy that this Summer isn't another Summer of Dessication because, honestly, I was THIS CLOSE to hanging up my Texas Towel if it came to that. Last summer wore me down, man. I've always loved the summertime, but it turns out, three straight months of over 100 degrees and no rain and months of no outside entertainment for the two year old makes me want to throw lawn darts at people. We're having a much easier time of it this year, what with all the crazy wet stuff falling from the sky and the reasonable temperatures. It's almost like we live somewhere normal.  Rowan tried to eat a snail off the sidewalk this morning, but I'll take it.

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