Sunday, August 19, 2012

Farm Day 3

Farm Day 3... I think. I have no idea. This is the point in every farm vacation when I haven't seen a newspaper and I don't check any websites besides this one and Facefart and I have really no idea what day it is. I can tell you that it is 48.8 degrees this morning and I am wearing a borrowed sweatshirt.  

yesterday was a very lazy day involving licking the spoon from the brownie bowl

Taking some of the same pictures I take every year. 

Watching this one find new things to climb.

And hang with is brother who is doing that laughing/terrified thing where he's all PLEEZE DON'T LET MEH FALL.

playing with sparklers

And in the creek. I call it the creek. It's supposed to be "the brook." I have no idea what the difference between a creek and a brook is. 

Hopper is not in this photo because he is off learning a valuable lesson about why it is that you don't take off all your clothes and then run straight into some bramble. 

Don't worry, he's a little marked up, but he survived.

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