Thursday, October 25, 2012

I might have what you call a "problem"

So, we pretty much know what the boys are going to be for Halloween because at least in Hopper's case, he's been telling me he wants to be a GIANT ROBOT for the last several months. Only, recently he has optioned this into "GIANT VIKING ROBOT" which actually doesn't bother me at all because I have a viking hat already, duh, and this is not the "problem" I am referring to--I'll get to that.  Sam has been working this week on putting the robot costume together, doing a MUCH better job than I would have, I might add. (I tried to make one a month ago that involved two turkey pans and an old calculator. It did not end well.)  But as the costume has come together, it's become more apparent that while it LOOKS awesome, it's probably not going to stand up to vigorous outdoor play of the 3.5 year old type, i.e. he can wear it for trick or treating, but not sliding, swinging, running or hurtling himself off of things. SO, for the two costume parties we have the Saturday before Halloween, he's going to need something a little more durable and we can save the Giant Viking Robot costume for actual Halloween.
No problem, I thought, I'll just see what I have in the closet that we can use...  And then, this is when I remember that I have this habit of buying costumes all the damn time thinking that the boys are going to want to wear them for playing dress up, which they do maybe once every three or four months and the rest of the time, I'm just accumulating these things like I'm running a drama department.  To be clear, I don't actually pay full price or anything. These are mainly things I buy online 75% off or at little kid consignment sales, or they're gifts.  And to be honest, I hadn't really realized how many I had. Would you like to know how many? Go ahead, guess.

Eighteen. I have EIGHTEEN costumes for little boys and only two children to put them on.

These include:
a real suede cowboy outfit (vest and fringed chaps, it is SO awesome)
red white and yellow dragon
blue alien
3-d airplane
foam rocket ship
furry lion
green dragon
green frog
furry black spider
fleece bumblebee
blue monster
purple monster
blue superhero cape and mask
red superhear cape and mask
Bob the builder

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