Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloweenie recap

I know we're a bit behind posting our trick or treat pictures. It happened, trust me. It was a little harrowing because I was flying solo and all my plans for carting two little boys around in the wagon so they wouldn't get pooped went out the window when son number one tried to climb in it in his costume and did the double header of both tripping on his way in and then falling completely OUT of the wagon ending up butt over teakettle. I did not get a picture of that, was tempting.  Also, both Rowan and I were sick so that added a layer of snoozle to everything (gross). 

All in all, Hopper's costume turned out fantastic. see?

The little panel on the front lights up. I have a very blurry picture of that from later on, so I don't know if it will translate, but trust me, it was cool. All the little kids in the 'hood oohed and aahhhed over it. He even had to stop and pose for pictures. So famous, so early.

Rowan ended up going with costume #19. Seriously. I forgot about that one. 

We went through about five of them before I found the one that he would wear without screaming. The hat lasted about five minutes. Here they are telling me to get a move on while I fruitlessly searched for the plastic pumpkins I had somehow lost in our living room.

Rowan is actually saying Raawrr here. Cracked me up.

He also would not stop playing with the buttons on Hopper's costume, which led to whining of the "heeee'ss touccchinnggg meeeeee" variety. Sigh.

Aaaannndd the hat is gone! It was cute while it lasted.

Rowan opted to utilize a "one in, one out" policy for lollipops. I think he probably had about 8 of them over the course of the evening.

And here is the only picture I have of the Hopperbot costume lit up. I would have taken more, but at this point, I was having to carry Rowan and that kid weighed about 40lbs after all those lollipops.

Did yall have a good halloween?

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