Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Def (Grape) Jam

 I believe we are witnessing several things at once here:

1). What happens when I attempt to go to the restroom and close the door and realize after 20 seconds that I cannot hear my children in the other room. This is never a good thing.
2). I believe that we are also witnessing the justification for my continued use of approximately 37 babygates in and around our house even though, technically, no "babies" live here anymore. If all gates, locks, underground electric cables, et al are properly deployed, there shouldn't be any access to the kitchen. Obviously, the dogs are in cahoots.
 3. I believe we are also privy to the genesis of our future ant infestation.

4. And also, the reason why Mr. Bean is gonna be barfing around 2am tomorrow morning.

Also, 5. my kids REALLY like grape jam. Apparently, much more than strawberry jam which was also on the countertop. 

Jesus, we are sticky over here. 

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