Monday, June 03, 2013

We are going to have to step up our game

Sam likes to say that I like to make lists and then never do anything on them. That is NOT true. It is true that I like to make lists and I am sometimes slightly more ambitious on paper than I am in real life. But who isn't?  But at any rate, if we're going to do all 50 things on our list, we're gonna have to step up our game a little. Thus far we've accomplished... .1 1/3 .  We watched the first Star Wars movie and um, eaten sno-cones. I know, slow down you crazy kids, right? Ok, fine. We'll get a move on. But here is proof that we've done at least one (and a 1/3).

Hopper got Cherry, Rowan got Polar Punch.  

Rowan was a little, shall we say, UNSURE about it..

In this photo, you can see him clearly trying to gauge how far he can hock it. (answer: pretty far). 

Five seconds after this shot: airborne

I tried to get a shot of Polar Punch dripping down the side of the building, but it didn't work. 

Hopper liked his, at least. 

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