Friday, August 09, 2013

Save it for a Rainy Day

It's been pouring rain here since late last night. So I don't have beautiful greenery pictures for you today. I could take pictures of the bacon brownies Sam is making, though. There is a lot of meat in pastry shenanigans happening.  We were actually under the impression that it was supposed to be raining all day YESTERDAY, so we already used up our rainy day activity which was going to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA). It's just as well, though because apparently, 2 and 4 year olds like to touch the art. The museum people don't like that so much.


After a few near misses, we were kindly directed to the children's gallery which was also mostly full of art which they would not like you to touch. It's ok, I'm not knocking the museum at all. I get it, not every statue is made tough enough for a 2 year old to ride it like a pony and quite frankly, children really need to learn to LOOK at the art AND STOP TOUCHING THAT WITH YOUR BUTT, YOUNG MAN. ("but MOOOOM, it's not touching if you do it with your butt!") 

They did have this piece which was absolutely gorgeous. It's a huge bird made out of red buttons on pins and kids are "encouraged to add to it without destroying the original image." OK, WE CAN DO THIS. 

Now that we are safely out of the museum and they have hopefully forgotten our faces and the make/model of the car we were driving, I can tell you that Rowan apparently spent his entire time near this bird stuffing his pockets full of red buttons and then proceeded to leave them in little piles all over the rest of the museum. You're welcome, Mass MoCA.  (and so sorry about that!)
handfuls of buttons. 

One of the other super cool things we saw there were these Phoenix statues by a Chinese artist named Xu Bing. He made them out of demolition debris from the construction of buildings in Beijing and I mean, pictures do not do these justice. They were massive and so awesome even *I* wanted to touch them with my butt. 

Pretty cool stuff, maynard. 

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