Monday, August 05, 2013

Slow Start

We began our annual trip to Forked Brook Farm on Saturday, but about 8 hours after we got here, Hopper and I were gobsmacked with the same stomach virus that Rowan had on my birthday. It's the gift that keeps on giving! I also seem to have acquired whatever flu/cold thing Sam had been battling for a week at the same time, so the first two days, I've felt quite lovely.

Now on day 3 of round-the-clock DayQuil and super-long naps, I'm doing much better: I've been able to eat something besides couscous and hot tea and take off that crusty sweatshirt I've been wearing without dissolving into fever shakes. My voice is even almost back. Vacation: commence! 

We're still taking it quite a bit easy over here. It's easy to do. The weather is glorious. The boys are having fun just running in the grass. 

There is also  swordplay.

Meryl the cat: armed and ready.

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Older not wiser said...

Sounds like you're getting some much needed rest-and the boys are having a great time(the cat not so much). Enjoy the rest and take care of yourself.