Monday, September 09, 2013


This is Molly our new foster puppy. And by "new foster puppy" I mean she's been here almost a month and she is 3 years old. Whatever, details.  Molly is wearing a cone because she had an extremely major ear surgery. I'm not going to go into specifics about the surgery because it squicks me out, but just so you know: she has to wear this cone twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for at least a couple of months.  At this point three weeks into it, we all have half moon circle bruises on our calves from Molly Fender Benders.

Molly is incredibly good with the boys and they love her, even though Rowan calls her "Ferguth" which she finds insulting. She's better behaved than our own dogs so she's been a joy to have around, other than the medical issues which just aren't getting any less gross as the weeks go by. I've nursed dogs through this surgery before (there's an extensive healing process), but I've never had one that will do everything in her furry little power to get at her own ear to rub at it like Molly does. She's causing just really awful damage that, again, not describing because I care about you and whether you're currently eating. Put it this way, last week, the vet attempted to sew Molly's ear flap to the top of her head so she'd leave it alone. It didn't work. So now, Molly gets to wear this:

It makes me laugh every time I look over at her because I can't decide if she looks like Esther Williams in a medically themed synchronized swimming pageant or Madame, the puppet. 

I will probably be purchasing a feather fascinator for her just in case. 

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