Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom

I thought I'd lay a few pearls of wisdom on you from your pal Hopper. Occasionally, he stops talking. It's usually when he's asleep.

"Monkeys don't speak Chinese, they speak banana."

"I don't like Rowan's smell. It's like the dog but not as good."

"I'm going to be a super-hero for Halloween called LADYBUG GIRL, but I need a cape and some pinchers." 

"Rowan wants to be a fireman for Halloween because he doesn't want to wear pants." (I promise you he's never seen a Chippendales show.)

"Books are like TV but in my dad's voice."

"The Fourth Little Pig made his house of HAMBURGERS because they're better to eat than pigs." 

"Dust is just leftover magic that comes down from the sky when it misses you and hits the ground." (we live in a very magical house)

"Do you know what? Robots aren't afraid of the big bad wolf because they've got guns."

"We should go tell the people in the houses that we're doing Halloween tomorrow because I want them to be ready." 

 "NO is not a word you should ever say. You should always say YES because then I'm never in trouble."

I have to admit, that last one is hard to argue.

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