Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I have not been so hot at updating. This I know. I've been busy, you've been busy. Twelve days go by and no one even notices. Here are few things I have been spending my time on other than regaling you with stories of how much Rowan hates pants.

This little turdlet is O'Malley, our newest foster pup. He was initially billed to us as a "cocker/golden mix" pup who was suffering from extreme malnutrition and sarcoptic mange. After two weeks, it's become apparent that a) this dog has zero spaniel in him at all (a fact I find kinda charming) and b) his idea of catching up on nutrition is to eat toes.  He is giving you several innocent looks here. Do not be deceived.

For the record, I believe he may be either a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. Or Yard Bat.
I've also been losing sleep on account of having to catch up on six weeks of True Detective.  I am not a particular fan of either McConaghey or Harrelson and yet, love the show. I will dump it promptly when Game of Thrones starts, but for now, it's the only thing I've been watching in my approximate 23 available minutes of TV time a day. I think the Yellow King is Marty, for what it's worth.
Oh, and I've discovered digital loans from the Austin Public Library. In the past two weeks, I've read  Horns by Joe Hill (excellent)
Driven to Distraction (yet another book on ADHD I've ironically found difficult to focus on)
and I'm in the middle of VB6 by Mark Bittman and Vampire Academy (don't judge me, Chuckles).
We've also had family in town since the beginning of February so, you see, I've not just been ignoring you.
Ok. I've been ignoring you a little.

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