Sunday, November 16, 2014


I always feel a little bad when I remember that I let two weeks go by without a blog entry. Sorry about that. As always, if you're on Facebook, feel free to friend me. I usually accept requests even if I don't know you. Unless you're wearing a bikini or offering me part of the inheritance from your 2nd cousin's uncle who is a member of the royal family in Nigeria. I tend to post all the piddly things I used to put on here, so you know, pictures of puppies and fart jokes from my five year old.

At any rate, I also realized that there were some updates I hadn't bothered to post, so here are some of those.

First, the vegetarian thing. I had pledged to try and go vegetarian for the entire month of October. I actually made it through three weeks, then it sort of frittered out. It wasn't because I didn't enjoy it. Actually, I found it really easy to follow a vegetarian diet for most of my meals--it helps living in a town that has lots of vegetarian options, even for take out or, say, breakfast tacos.  This may be controversial, but I'm telling you: soy chorizo is sometimes better than the real thing. A few things led to my vegetarian downfall:  1) I went on a girls' trip out of town with my two best friends from high school. They didn't force bacon down my throat or anything. It was more like we were having so much fun and eating out a lot, so I'd absentmindedly order something with meat for dinner and be too preoccupied with my margarita to care.

 2). I also found out, rather bizarrely, that I'm allergic to eggs. I had been having these bouts of hives for probably 6-7 months. I would just randomly break out in a rash all over my arms and stomach and they'd last for several days. This happened at least once every two weeks, sometimes continuously. It was particularly bad in the summer, so that even when it was 100 degrees outside, I was trying to wear long sleeves so people didn't think I had the plague. Some people told me it was stress-related or that it might be heat rash gone crazy. I went to the doctor twice and they'd give me steroid cream that works. But it would just keep coming back. So finally, I went to an allergist and he ran some blood tests. Apparently, hives can be a symptom of an autoimmune disease or even liver failure.  A ridiculous amount of vials of blood later, the results came back and as it turns out, I have an adult-onset egg allergy. It's not serious enough to kill me or anything, just, oh, CAUSE A REALLY ANNOYING RASH.  I used to eat breakfast tacos at least 3-4 times a week, so that pretty much was what was making me Plague Girl.  So, basically I've had to cut out a majority of the eggs in my diet. This has actually been harder than any vegetarian thing. Eggs are in EVERY THING.  Bread, baked goods, pasta, cream sauces, fried foods--you know, all the major food groups (heh).  I still eat bread. I just have to take a Zyrtec every day and sometimes if I eat too many things made with eggs, that #*$ing rash will come back.   So, the reason this made the vegetarian thing go the way of the dodo is because I was more focusing on what wouldn't make me break out and also, I was using eggs as the major protein source in my vegetarian diet. Try as much as I like, I hate goddam lentils. I mean LOATHE them. I know I could also eat other kinds of beans to get protein, but I already live two boys and a husband. We're all full up on flatulence here.

Pupdate: I still have THREE of the seven pupgirls left. The others have been adopted already.  One is leaving today, one is leaving tomorrow and by the grace of God, HOPEFULLY the last one will be leaving on Friday. They are predictably gorgeous now and full of fun. They also try to eat my goddam curtains every goddam day. The weather has been super cold for Austin and rainy this past weekend, so they've spent a LOT of time hanging out in the living room. Our days are generally spent rotating between getting things out of their mouths, trying to convince Hudson not to kill them and plastering the floors with newspaper. I'm a bit ready for a break.

So, that's what we've been up to. What about you?

Here are some recent pictures from Halloween and a trip to the pumpkin patch where we learned that my boys don't like pumpkins all that much.

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