Thursday, November 26, 2015

TG 2015

I've eaten so much pie, I'm not sure I can really function anymore. I mean I can probably just lean horizontally and reach over with one hand and type something out, but let's face it, you've probably had so much pie you're just keeping one eye open at this point. So let's just share some Thanksgiving photos for today's post, alright?

First, you must know that I drove to the middle of Bumf***, Newton County, Arkansas first dammed thing in the morning without near enough coffee, or Adele. I was lost 87% of the time, but pulled it out in the end when I figured out that if I just reverse the directions anyone in my family gives me, and VOILA! Anyway, here we go:
We all had to sign the tablecloth. Rowan wrote his first sentence. It says, "Imm thankful foro turkey." 
So then, we ate a few dozen turkeys. 

And posed for pictures in some tshirts I bought for my sissies and me. We might have had some wine by then.

After lunch, some of us went into a food coma. Others of us went spelunking. Not even a euphemism. 

We saw a bat. Let me repeat: we saw. A. BAT. 
There were also some newts and a slight (ever so slight) anxiety attack from me from being in a tiny f***ing cave that had bats in it. 
And then we came back and had to hang out with my sister's weenie dogs who I am pretty sure are trying to telepathically communicate their need to come live with me. 

See what I mean?

I hope your Thanksgiving was equally as great!

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