Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I'm off work this week and the boys are still on Christmas break, so we've been spending a lot of time together. After three days, I'm noticing more and more of their little idiosyncrasies. I know that I share a lot of stories about them, but have I ever told you about some of their little quirks? I mean, I'm not going to say my kids are QUIRKY in all caps, but.. they're a little quirky (there's a lot of quirks). A sampling:

--will rub pickles on his feet before eating them. Yeah. shudder.
--refers to him as DARK Vader, despite being able to pronounce it correctly and one billion pieces of evidence that it's otherwise.
--has an uncanny memory for song lyrics.
--is not afraid of the dark and actually prefers it.
--despite being Texas born and bred, pronounces most things like he's from deepest part of Boston. "MAHM, did I leave my DAHK Vader in the CAH?" "HOPPAH, do you want to play STY WAHS?"

--mispronounces his own last name. The O in Hov is like "hovel." He says it like "off" or "oz."
--refuses cheap imitations:  i.e. he had a friend at his old daycare two years ago with white blonde hair. Unfortunately, they don't go to the same school anymore but he does have another kid in his class now with the same color of hair. Rather than refer to this classmate as his actual name, he just calls this kid "Fake Henry." I have had many a conversation trying to get Hopper to call him by his real name. No dice.
--will eat anything if you put soy sauce on it. Except rice.

In short, we don't lack for entertainment around here, even though there's only 126 hours until school starts again...

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