Saturday, March 19, 2016

DeeCee, Pt2

I had planned on doing a run-down of all we did in Washington DC with photos, but I was plagued with technical difficulties and also, we walked anywhere from 6-9 miles every single day, which made me feel like I was 90 years old at the end of every day, but had no discernible effect on my children other than to make them want to stay up and party til Midnight. Instead, I'll just share some of my favorite shots from the trip, though these were a little few and far between because apparently, my camera may be dying. (but my birthday is in 6 months so maybe I'll get a new one!). This isn't gonna be very organized, but I just got off a five day stretch of walking our nation's capitol with two rabid meerkats, so let's just get started.

Tuesday was our wettest, coldest day, so of course this is the day that we set aside to walk the Mall and see all the monuments. I love this shot of Rowan and Abraham Lincoln, even though Rowan kept calling him "Skinny Santa."

Here they are actually discussing whether it is, in fact, Skinny Santa or one of the presidents. It was Hopper who finally went with "one of the presidents" because of this air-tight logic: No elves. 

Rowan is definitely prohibited at the White House. Trust me. 

We got to go up inside the Washington Monument and I didn't even throw up. 
 This is looking from the monument to the Lincoln Memorial.

I have many, many photos of my children at the National Zoo. Most of them are terrible (camera issues), but here you see a blurry shot of the new baby panda, Bei Bei hanging precariously in a tree. His mom was hanging out somewhere below in the enclosure. Best I can tell, he's a terrible climber and spent most of the time I was there almost plummeting to his death. Good times. 

Luckily, I have at least 5 pictures of my children next to various forms of animal scat. 

Hopper would have probably spent about 3 days in the Museum of Natural History had we let him. Rowan, however, not a fan. I don't have any pictures of him there because he was usually off somewhere in the Rock Exhibit screaming his fool head off. (why, I don't know, because that Rock Exhibit is seriously cool). 
We also toured the Botanical Gardens which had an amazing exhibition of regular and rare orchids and neither of my children picked a single one. I won't say someone didn't end up trying to take a dip in the water feature, but the flowers were safe. 

At the Building Museum which was a little off the beaten track, but fun. 

Finally! A rare showing of weakness. In front of the Capitol Building, no less. 

Sam and I also got an afternoon away from the kids to check out the National Gallery of Art and the Hirshhorn. Yay for Art!

In short, there's about 5 million things to do in DC and we only got to about 2 million of them, so we'll be back someday!  

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