Saturday, March 12, 2016

Priorities: Bluebonnet Edition

We leave for vacation tomorrow. I have to pack, buy dog food, replace Hudson's missing tags, finish the remaining laundry, find Sam's other shoe, fix our back gate and mow the lawn. So, of course that means it's time to go get our annual pictures of the boys in bluebonnets. Priorities.

We begin with our tradition of me cajoling them with the promise of getting to eat the last of the Halloween Candy if they'll just look at the camera.

You see how well this works out for me. (but it's okay, I gave out their Halloween Candy at the office three months ago).

Then, it's just pretty much a free-for-all

This year I let them run up and down the hill a few times. I did tell them to make sure and jump if they saw a snake.

The important thing is, we've at list got this marked off the to-do list. 

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