Thursday, July 07, 2016

It's all a blur unless they're sleeping

Our babies are eight weeks old today. I've attempted to take pictures of them every day, but honestly, unless they're crashed out after a 30 minute tour of destruction around the back yard, all I get is blur and lots of teef. It usually looks a little something like this:

Or this:

or this: 

They don't sit still. But honestly, I don't mind. I took them to the vet for their very first visit outside of the house last week. They all got their first rounds of shots and got to meet the nice vet techs and learn about why going to vet means someone shoves something up your bum. (I took pictures, but I am not mean enough to post them). 
This was the same vet's office that shepherded me through our very horrible, no good Spring and the deaths of the Diamond Dog Pups. It was a crazy visit--with an assembly line of me and the vet and the techs trying to get everyone weighed and shots administered and nails clipped. But through it all, the puppies kept doing their puppy thing and licking faces. At one point, Dr. Brown said, "oh, I needed this, this morning." And I knew what she meant because I needed it too. I needed these babies to be healthy and strong and total goofballs who play with ferocity and then...sleep with ferocity too. 

I needed them to lick dirt and chew on their brothers and have that total look of crazy that puppies sometimes have.

Quite literally, I just needed them to LIVE. All the cuteness is just a bonus... but man, it's a LOT of bonus, right? 

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Linda Norelli said...

TOOOOO cute!!! Thanks so much for the update, Lee! Even if blurry.