Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Halloweenie Recap

Rowan told me what he wanted to be for Halloween back in May. At the time, it was agreed that the boys would both go as characters from Plants vs. Zombies. If you have no idea what Plants vs. Zombies is, know that I was like you once.  I remember those days fondly. If you're like me and have two boys who play the game more often than they p
ick their nose (which is a LOT, believe me), you might be familiar.
At any rate, Rowan wanted to be a Pea Shooter for Halloween. This is a Pea Shooter:

Hopper initially said he wanted to be a Chomper. This is a Chomper.

Easy enough, right?  Yeah.

Then Hopper decided he did NOT wanted to be a Chomper, so Rowan insisted that I go as either Dr. Zomboss or Crazy Dave.  One of these requires constructing an elaborate remote controlled Zombie body and the other requires wearing a white polo shirt with a cooking pot on your head. Guess which one I chose? 

So, I started on Rowan's costume. I truly meant to take pictures of how I constructed it, but to be honest, my costume construction pretty much consisted of finding items in the garage that I thought might fit the shape I needed and then duct taping the ever-loving shit out of it. 

. But lo and behold, it actually turned out pretty well. SO well in fact that Hopper changed his mind and decided that he would indeed deign to dress up as a Plants vs. Zombie character like the rest of us poor rubes.  So, this time I went to the Dollar Store and Target, spent $8 on two big bowls, a pool noodle and some purple tape and VOILA. A Chomper. 

I would have shelled out for green and purple morph suits to make the costumes even more cool, but the temperature's been hovering around 85-90-ish degrees so I needed nothing more intense than shorts and t-shirts.   

The boys actually really loved them and I was declared, "The Best Costume Maker Upper In Our Family."  Granted, I am the ONLY Costume Maker Upper in Our Family, but I'll take it. 

Unfortunately, my costume required that I wear a beard (lovingly constructed out of  super thick soft yet suffocatingly warm yarn) and a pot on my head, which seems simple enough, but JeezUS Keerist, when it's 90 degrees at 6pm on October 31st, that shit does not last long. Behold the Crazy Dave Costume that lasted until 6:15pm when I had to rip it off my head before I had to maim someone out of sheer heat induced delirium.

I dream of a day when Halloween in Austin will fall on a day that's even remotely fall-like,fall-ISH, LESS THAN 90 DEGREES is what I'm saying. Perhaps somewhere where the chocolate candy doesn't start melting before you get home...

Still, a good time was had by all, even if we had to call it a night early due to heat exhaustion. Next year, I'm going to see if I can talk one of the kids into going as a portable AC unit.

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