Monday, March 13, 2017

More covered in animal spit than usual

We started our Spring Break by visiting the Exotic Animal Zoo Resort which is about an hour outside of Austin in Johnson City. It was a chilly and crappy day, but Rowan has high hopes for this bucket of feed.

The zoo has trolley tours you can take around the property with the feed buckets. The animals sort of just follow you around and hope you'll somehow drop that entire bucket.

This guy is not a longhorn or a regular cow, but he does a pretty good impression.

Rowan was initially afraid of the llama, but I think the tables turned fairly quickly. That llama took one sniff of Rowan and was like, "NOPE." The llama's face cracks me up

Serious talk with the ostrich. They tell you not to feed the ostriches because "they pinch." I think the ostriches look a little intimidating.

I was unprepared for the bison tongue. In this photo, you can see that the bison has completely consumed my hand. I had to yank it back out and I was covered in slime up to my elbow. It was so gross. The tongue, man. That was uncalled for.

I did, however, kiss a camel. And I liked it. The camel was sweet. The food pellets, I think, pretty much taste like dirt, so it was probably my soft lips it was after..

So, we rented a cabin at the Resort Zoo where you basically get to stay inside a petting zoo. We communed with kangaroos and visited some more with the zebras and deer. Hopper almost got mugged by some geese. Good times.

I loved watching Hopper and the kangaroo race each other. They did it all the time.

Hopper insisted on talking to the pigs. I think they were actually listening.

These geese, however, were not about any of his shit. None of it. About 2 seconds after this photo, I was like, "son, you're going to have to move away before one of them takes you out." 

As we were going to leave, the camels blocked our way for about 10 minutes. I'm telling you, they were all about my soft lips. Also, they're bigger than my car, so it's not like I was going to try and run them over.

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