Monday, October 25, 2004

Belly Bands

This weekend our rescue group had a booth at the Travis County Kennel Club Show. Sort of like the big dog shows they show on Animal Planet, but smaller. And more disgusting. They held this show in the friggin' livestock barn where they house all the farm animals during the State Fair. I couldn't understand why they didn't put us inside. I mean, these people doing these dog shows spend something like 50 straight hours doing the washing and blowdrying the dog's hair, only to have to make the run through sawdust, hay and probably ground up goat poo. It was foul.

We spent a lot of time wandering through the booths where you could buy such things as $80 grooming scissors, T-shirts that said "I'm a (insert breed) person!!!" or purses with bedazzled Pomeranians on them. My mom actually has a pomeranian and would probably love that purse, but I couldn't bring myself to a.) support those people who make a living making such atrocities and b.) encourage my mom in her pursuit of buying them. It's bad enough with the Precious Moments figurines.

There was this one place selling these things called Belly Bands.. I can't really describe it other than to say the whole purpose of them is to um, hold a boy dog's package up to his belly which is supposed to somehow keep the dog from peeing inside. All I can say is if The Ferg were wearing one of those, he'd probably just pee straight onto his chin.

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